Lessons in championships, triangles, and making more stars from the Chicago Bulls.

The triangle offense illustrated, from episode four of The Last Dance

The hundreds of choices we face every day are our gym.

Black sneakers and hand weights on a wooden floor
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A case for being action-oriented in the face of doubting onlookers.

In matters of representation, representation matters.

Suranne Jones as Anne Lister in Gentleman Jack, about to marry Ann Walker in the first documented marriage between two women.

There’s no right answer, but plenty of risks in both directions

Illustration by Stephen Carlson

A few uncomfortable truths, and keys for success, for people who build software.

Illustration by Stephen Carlson
  • The more pressure you’ll feel to ship on time.
  • The more pain you’ll feel watching deadlines whiz by unmet.
  • The more complex or vague tasks you will be asked to estimate.
  • The better you’ll want to get at giving estimates and expressing how certain you are…

Photo by tableatny

Learn JavaScript using… JavaScript. Image via learnyounode.

Gina Trapani

Technology, culture, representation, and self-improvement. Once upon a time I started Lifehacker.

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