Meet the All-New

Make It Modular

Paper + markers = prototype
  • An automated, live-updating list of most popular stories on the site, powered by Chartbeat.
  • A marquee featured hero article, flanked or followed by two smaller, supporting posts.
  • An automatic list of the most recently published content in a certain vertical. This one comes in a couple of styles — horizontal list of cards (that you can swipe left to right on mobile) or in a grid with inline “Load More” button.
  • A curated grid of four equally-sized (and therefore equally visually weighted) articles.
  • Any custom markup the Voice staff dreams up.

Build Out the CMS

Just setting up the front page for launch.

Add 20 Years of Content (and Stir)

  • reading 20 years worth of stories—about 125,000 posts, in the form of 1GB of XML — and writing them into WordPress’ data structure
  • cleaning up legacy markup intended for 1.0 era browsers inside those articles
  • importing about 275,000 images (around 80GB) into the WordPress media library, and updating post bodies to reflect the new location of these images
  • importing and collating legacy taxonomies (like categories and tags) into the new structure
  • mapping legacy URLs to their new WordPress permalinks



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Gina Trapani

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