Lessons in championships, triangles, and making more stars from the Chicago Bulls.

I don’t care a whit about sports, but I’ve been really enjoying The Last Dance, a new documentary series about the rise of the Chicago Bulls. Sportsball aside, the series is just plain great storytelling, about a group of extremely competitive, talented, egotistical, flawed, and driven human beings who came…

In matters of representation, representation matters.

When Anne Lister wrote in her journal about what she did, who she saw, and the news of the day, she wrote in “plain hand,” her normal handwriting. But when she wrote about her relationships with her lovers–always women, sometimes married to men–she switched to “crypt hand,” a code she…

A few uncomfortable truths, and keys for success, for people who build software.

Estimating how much time and effort it will take to build or fix software isn’t easy, and most people are really bad at it. The more senior you get in your career building software:

  • The more projects you will work on that run over time and budget, and not by…

Gina Trapani

Technology, culture, representation, and self-improvement. Once upon a time I started Lifehacker.

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